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I actually wanted to name this post “Things You Shouldn’t Post On Professional Listservs,” but, when I started asking my fellow Geeks/Bradys for suggestions, some of them responded with “there are still listservs out there??” So, I changed “Listservs” to “Online Communities” and therefore expanded it to all the new forms of

Hat tip to Steve Lastres for stressing the upcoming change in AALL’s move away from listservs for its Special Interest Sections (SIS), Caucuses and Leadership listservs, to an online eGroup Discussion List starting on August 1st. For those of us in ILTA, the eGroup platform won’t be a big deal, but for those unfamiliar with

Listservs vs. Twitter

I’ve subscribed to a number of e-mail listservs over the years, and have found that these are becoming less and less useful. Although I’ve hung on and still subscribe to a few choices, I find that I use them more for generic topical information, than I do for specific topic resources. What