I had the honor of presenting to at the Texas Library Association Conference here in Houston today. The topic was on Library and Knowledge Management’s collaborative roles within a firm, and how they can work together to bring in better processes, automate certain manual procedures, and add analyze data in a way that makes it

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There’s a saying that if you hear something once, it’s a fluke, twice is a trend, and if you hear it three times it’s a habit. I’ve now heard a similar tale being told by three different administrative groups in law firms when it comes to leveraging the skills of their librarians.

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Oh, to define Knowledge.

Is it:

Data + Information = Knowledge?

Could it be the circular argument of:

Experience leads to Knowledge, which leads to Decisions, which lead to Action, which lead to Experience, which leads to Knowledge… [E+K+D+A…] 

One of my favorite Knowledge Management bloggers, Nick Milton, discusses this in

Many ground breaking, earth shattering, paradigm shifting solutions have begun with the words, “wouldn’t it be really great if…” Great ideas and solutions require people of vision with the ability to see beyond the current reality and dream fantastic possibilities for the future. Unfortunately, many stupid, dead-end, wastes of time have started exactly the same