In both the real world, and on Marvel Comic’s Earth 616, Intellectual Property Law can be a super weapon to inflict serious pain upon your enemies. On the latest episode of The SuperHuman Law Division Podcast, we look at the legal issues raised when She-Hulk loses the rights to call herself She-Hulk after Titania stakes her claim to that trademarked term.
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Is First to File Really a Thing in Trademark Law?
Jennifer receives a lot of mansplaining on trademark law and who gets to claim ownership of the name She-Hulk. But, is that really how it works?
Lawyers and Firms Should Not Represent Themselves!!
“A person who represents themselves has a fool for a client.” That rule applies in this episode not only to Jennifer, but to the law firm of GLK/H as well. There is a huge conflict of interest in what GLK/H wants with the She-Hulk name versus what Jennifer Walters wants with the name.
Can a Tailor of SuperHuman Clothes be Liable?
We meet Luke, the tailor for superpowered individuals. What are the legal implications of making designer clothes for superheroes, supervillains, and vigilantes?

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