In our latest podcast episode, we delve into the transformative potential of executive coaching for legal professionals with our esteemed guest, Laura Terrell. As the founder of Laura Terrell, LLC, she brings to the table an illustrious career background encompassing roles such as Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, senior level appointee at the US Department of Justice, Equity partner at top international law firms, and in-house counsel at a leading global business advisory firm.

Laura Terrell, renowned executive coach and former high-profile lawyer, unpacks her intriguing transition into coaching and the underlying drive to comprehend the motivations and challenges unique to professionals. She underscores the significance of active listening in addressing not only the legal quandaries of clients but their wider professional and personal concerns.

Dive into the intricacies of executive coaching for lawyers as Terrell defines it: a cooperative endeavor aimed at assisting clients in setting and achieving their objectives. It’s not therapy, she clarifies, but a method to empower clients’ goal attainment and facilitate exploration of their priorities.

Terrell sheds light on the myriad of challenges confronting lawyers and C-suite executives, from transitioning to leadership positions, fostering business growth, team management, to adapting to in-house roles. She also emphasizes the value of coaching for budding lawyers, guiding them in their transition from theory to practice and making sense of their role expectations.

Laura Terrell addresses a widespread pitfall in the legal sector: assumption-making. She motivates lawyers to question their preconceived notions and adopt a mindset of change, considering the dynamic landscape of the legal industry.

Beyond her coaching practice, Laura serves as the General Counsel for a nonprofit organization and invests in businesses owned by women, echoing her commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs and expanding her knowledge across diverse business sectors.

This episode uncovers the profound impact of executive coaching in the legal sphere, providing support to professionals at varying career stages. Whether you’re a seasoned attorney, a C-suite executive, or a new entrant to the legal field, Laura Terrell’s expertise and experiences offer invaluable learning opportunities.


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