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Jane:  Have you noticed that this job has become more and more about the correct usage of IT approved technology?  I mean, years ago, I practiced law.  I worked with my clients to determine the best way to work together.  Now, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying

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Jane:  Legal Process Outsourcing is a brilliant idea whose time has come, Dan. I think we will see a number of high profile firms begin to partner with LPOs in the next few years. Whereas

Dan: You may not know this Jane, but I’ve been moving into more of a Pricing role at my firm.

Jane: I’m impressed.  And a little frightened for the well being of your firm.

Dan:  Every firm needs to have at least one person focused on determining the right price and fee structure for every

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Jane: The billable hour is dead, Dan. It is the sad and lonely remnant of an era when clients were to stupid to realize they were being fleeced by outside counsel. I for one can no longer, in good conscience, blatantly steal my client’s money. I officially declare the billable hour

Dan:  Recently a number of firms have announced reductions in their secretarial ranks as a means of improving their secretary ratios – which is to say 5:1 is the new 4:1. For those not familiar with this stat – it means that the new goal is 5 timekeepers for every 1 secretary. This approach makes

Hello! And welcome to the inaugural post of our brand new “Dan and Jane” series here on 3 Geeks.

At a conference recently, a fan mentioned that she missed our old Elephant posts.  We loved getting outside opinions and ideas, but frankly it was a lot of administrative work and we’re not really administrative people.