The law is the law, and should be in the public domain, right?? Well, you’d think so, but it may be up to the US Supreme Court to make that determination in its next session when it takes up The State of Georgia v. We talk with Tom Gaylord, Faculty Services & Scholarly Communications Librarian at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, about his thoughts on why the Court granted cert. on an issue that hasn’t been on its radar, and how he thinks a minimum of five justices may align on the issue. Tom breaks down possible arguments and what could happen if the Court rules in favor of Georgia’s claim of copyright of its statues, or if it creates a bright line rule that statutes are not copyrightable. This is going to be one interesting case to follow.

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Information Inspirations
Marlene discusses Carolyn Elefant’s article on Whose Data Is It Anyway? and brings up the age old question of just because we can, doesn’t mean we should, when it comes to data collection of client information. Lawyers have a special relationship with their clients and must be careful not to damage that relationship through the use of data collection (even if that collection is ethical, and with client consent.

Greg’s first inspiration is from Patrick DiDominico and James Lee’s article First Our Books, And Now Our Jobs? Paradigm shifts within the legal information profession isn’t new, but how we adjust to those shifts can change with each shift. DiDominco and Lee say that there are ample opportunities for professionals who leverage AI to make them individually more valuable to their organization. Is that really true? Maybe… Maybe not.
It’s bad enough to have your phone hacked through something called a SIM Swap… but to make matters worse, some phone and data companies don’t come to their customer’s assistance when they need them most. Marlene discusses two stories where things go from bad, to worse.
Greg’s last inspiration this week brings us back to Georgia, where the state court system is totally Nyuk’ed. That’s the name of the ransomware software that has infected the state court system and shut it down. One village in Florida had to pay $460,000.00, it’s probably going to cost Georgia many times that to unlock their computers.
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