We are looking for some feedback for the Geek in Review Podcast on working remotely. If you work remotely, or think that you would be more productive if you were allowed to work remotely, we want to hear your story. Take a look at the questions below and give us your answers in a voicemail by calling 713-487-7270. You can either leave your name or leave it anonymously. Tell us the type of work you do (lawyer, marketing, librarians, tech worker, etc.), and the type of organization in which you work (law firm, vendor, law school, government, etc.). We’ll compile the feedback for an upcoming show. (It’s kind of a new spin on our old Elephant Post days.)

Do you work remotely?? Tell us more!

We hear anecdotal stories of how Millennials and now Gen Z employees desire more flexibility with their work. One common issue revolves around the ability to work remotely.

  • Does your organization allow for people to work remotely? If so, is it on an as-needed basis, or is remote working a part of your work schedule?
  • What do you find attractive about working remotely?
  • What are some of the downsides of working remotely?
  • Do you feel like you are more efficient/effective when you work remotely?
  • Does working remotely put you at a disadvantage within your organization?
  • If you were in charge (or if you are in charge), would you expand the ability for others to work remotely?
  • Would you consider leaving your current position for another job that offered the ability to work remotely?
  • Other comments?

Call 713-487-7270 with your story. Thanks!!