On this episode we will talk with Jeff Marple, Director of Innovation, Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance company. Plus, we have our monthly update on government action in legal information from AALL’s Director of Government Relations, Emily Feltren. So, it’s an action packed episode, so grab a drink of your choice and settle in for a good one.


15:13 – Jeff Marple, Director of Innovation, within Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual discusses what it is like to be the innovations guru within a large corporate legal environment. The key is incremental change, lots of communications, having the customer in the room, and publicly executing poor performing processes or projects in the town square.


07:22 – Emily Feltren, Director of Government Relations at American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), gives us her monthly update on happenings in the legal information field in regards to government actions. AALL submitted an amici curiae brief in the recent PACER class action, National Veterans Legal Services Program et al v. United States of America, which is currently on appeal. AALL made the points that PACER Fees Harm Patron Access And Legal Research Instruction and that PACER Fees Impede Law Libraries’ Responsibility To Preserve Legal Materials.

There are a number of bills at the federal level focusing on opening up access to PACER. Is free access to PACER on the horizon? Seem that there are a number of politicians looking to do just that. 

00:45 – Marlene (@gebauerm) walks us through how “Thinking Like a Lawyer” might be exactly what we need in this highly polarized environment we live in. A recent Law360 article discusses how law schools may be the best place to start reminding incoming lawyers of how to passionately argue multiple sides of an issue, yet remain professional while doing it. It might be something that we all need to remember.

03:00 – Greg (@glambert) discusses his “book report” from Kim Cameron’s leadership book, “Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance,” on Positive Communications and how high performance teams interact and communicate.

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