Yes. You read the title correctly. Sometimes, it takes not getting your Whopper in a timely fashion to understand a complex topic like Net Neutrality.

The repeal of Net Neutrality was something that many of us fought to prevent, and denounced when the FCC went against public comment and repealed in December. Yet there are some (including my own junior Texas Senator, Ted Cruz) who still don’t understand what that repeal allows internet providers to do with the information and content on the Internet.

The Internet is so important to us that it is the only time I can think of when attorneys will actually get up from their desks, leave their offices, and walk around the halls aimlessly. Not even a fire alarm has that power! Even worse than it’s affect on attorneys, you should see the panic in the eyes of my children if the Internet even slows down at my house. Pure terror!

Thanks to someone at the Burger King Corporation for putting together this short video showing how the same rules apply to how fast you get your whopper. My favorite part is when the manager gives the customer the bag, and tells him that he has to wait 42 seconds before he can place the Whopper into the bag. Oh, the look on the customer’s face.

Enjoy… hopefully your ISP hasn’t slowed down your access to YouTube so the video doesn’t buffer.