[ED. NOTE: Please welcome guest blogger, Michael J. Robak, Associate Director/Director of Information Technologies, Leon E. Bloch Law Library, University of Missouri – Kansas City. -GL]

Such great news! – thanks to 2017 TECHSHOW Chair Adriana Linares (Viva Adriana!) and
University of Illinois Jenner Law Library Director, Faye
, the first ever Academic Track will
be part of this year’s TECHSHOW which will be held March 15 – 18, 2017.  The groundwork for the track was developed
last year at the direction of 2016 TECHSHOW Chair, Steve Best and has been
many months in the making.
Here’s the skinny – the Academic track will be a conference
within TECHSHOW.  Faye, and the
University Illinois College of Law, are generously sponsoring a series of
panels and sessions that will occur on Thursday March 16 and Friday March 17.  These are designed to allow those from the
Academy to move between the TECHSHOW and the Academic track.  In fact, that was the concept behind the
conference within the conference, maximize the opportunity for practitioners,
and particularly members of the ABA Law Practice
, to help inform the Academy on what’s needed in the curriculum.  The schedule is designed for faculty,
administration and (we hope) students to move between TECHSHOW and the track
and to bring ideas and people into the track conversation.  And we’ve designed the track to create
working takeaways that can help expand and supplement conversation at the 2017 AALL Annual meeting with the Teaching
Legal Technology Caucus
as well as add to CALI’s page supporting
the caucus.  In addition we will create follow
up opportunities for the AALS Section
on Technology, Law and Education
With Greg’s permission, I’ll provide additional posts about
TECHSHOW’s Academic track to give updates and provide ideas about how to
maximize what I know will be an amazing event.
To register for the Academic track you register for
TECHSHOW, which provides full access to TECHSHOW and the vendor hall.  There is a reduced rate for academics and
even more reduced rate for student attendance. 
Early registration closes January
so sign up
One final note for this post – the Incubator
Consortium’s 4th Annual Conference
will be held at the same time
at Texas A&M and hosted by Professor of Law and Associate Dean for
Experiential Education Luz
.  There is quite a bit of
crossover with the Consortium’s focus on technology for Incubators.  So we’ve decided to link the two conferences
and we will have a virtual panel on Friday, March 17, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. that
will be a technology plenary at both conferences and which will talk, in part,
about how Law Schools can build Lawyer Referral Service platforms and the
opportunities for data analytics with such a platform. 

More to come…. Please sign up today!