Image [cc] Xtreme Xhibits

Whenever I try to explain to my friends and family what my job is as a pricing guy, they usually give me a blank stare. My kids have even comment they think I might actually work for the CIA since I can’t seem to explain it well. The reason is is that pricing jobs are unique in the legal profession and seem to change on a daily basis.

Thankfully Lisa Gianakos has come to the rescue, writing an article in the just-released edition of Practice Innovations. She interviews three pricing professionals (Matt Laws, Kristina Lambright and  Bart Gabler) and gives a nice look into what those of us in these roles do on a day-to-day basis.

So if you have ever wondered what we do. Or if you are one of us and struggle explaining it to your friends, you can now send them here.

Thanks to Lisa and Practice Innovations.

Oh yeah, there are a number of other excellent articles in the issue as well. I suggest you take a look.