For those of you that attend the ILTA conferences, you may be aware of the (in)famous band called Legal Bytes. Legal Bytes is the world’s only band made up entirely of current and former Chief Information Officers from law firms. At this year’s ILTA conference, Legal Bytes will actually be releasing a 12-song CD of original material called “Bright Lights… Big Data.” The August 17th release at ILTA, presented by Recommind, will talk about the joys and pains (mostly pains) of managing technology in the BigLaw world. Our very own 3 Geeks’ contributor, Scott Preston, is the drummer of Legal Bytes (way to go Scott!!)

Now, it may sound funny that there were enough musically talented CIOs to actually come up with a band, but it is really not as strange as it may seem. In fact, I would say that my (anecdotal) experience with techies in the law firm world has been skewed heavily toward those techies having musical and fine art skills. Last night, I watched a Ted Ed video from Anita Collins that put the CIO and Music puzzle together for me. Turns out that playing a musical instrument is like a “full-body brain workout.” It also helps build connections between the right (creative) and left (mathematical) halves of the brain. Exactly what the creative/mathematical CIO needs to be successful. Watching the video below might help you understand how your own CIO’s brain works, and why he or she acts the way they do.

Also take a look at Legal Bytes’ first song off their new album. Make sure to pick up a copy of the new album. The first release, iPad Girl, is already on YouTube.

  • Having been in IT for the last 25 years most decent IT people I know have strong interests in music. Many of them have degrees. One of the main reasons is that market for people with music degrees is even smaller than the market for newly minted lawyers and the other is that generally IT work doesn't require going back for another degree. Besides IT pays the bills while supporting your irish flute making hobby.

  • Loved the TED video. Music *is* great for our brains, our souls, our sanity, and more.

    I'm reminded of the ILTones, a pickup chorus that Joy Heath Rush used to lead at conference.

    I also have to show a pic of my string quartet, we're performing this weekend in Massachusetts. I'm on the far right, the other dude in a pink shirt is also in IT.

  • Anonymous

    Legal Bytes band sounds great. Frank Gillman is a very creative guy.

  • Music is information.

  • Anonymous

    Borrowing from an old expression, "Those who can play music, do; those who can't, do IT at big law firms".