For those of you who have been under a rock for the past few weeks (like me), you may not have heard of the changes that Lexis Advance is making to the look and feel of the product next month. Lexis is calling this a “New, Cleaner Look” that doesn’t change the steps you take to research, but changes the way the results appear on the screen and how you navigate those results.

The biggest change is that the results are now “Tab-less.” If you have used Lexis Advance in the past, you know that the tabs that ran across the top could quickly become unwieldy. In fact, I asked one of my research staff last night to jump out of Lexis Advance and into another Lexis platform in order to do some fact finding for me. This created an immediate plea for me to wait until they were completely finished with their current project because they would lose their – and this is a quote – “precious tabs.” This immediately made me think of Gollum, and a few images later, I sent the researcher back the picture to the right.

Here’s a video that just came out for the Academic users, but it shows some of the streamlined changes, and the new tab-less results. The new look is to launch next month, so start getting the word out now.