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In a time when it is easier to point out what’s wrong with the your profession, it is always enlightening to find someone that can still find enthusiasm for generating ideas and inspiring others to join them in achieving them. After seeing a number of negative emails and Facebook posts yesterday, I had an unsolicited phone call from a collegue who wanted to tell me about a project she is working on and how I, too, should be excited about it. By the time I hung up the phone, I genuinely was excited about what she was planning and offered to assist in helping her promote it once she had the specifics nailed down. (more to come in the next few weeks)

It isn’t the first time that she’s had this effect on me, but it is the first time that I actually thought about how someone with a positive attitude can improve the attitude of those around them. It’s refreshing to find someone that looks at a serious issue and says “hey, we are in a great position to do something good here, so let’s do it!” It really helped counter-balance the Facebook post I saw that explained that if I didn’t appreciate someone’s posts on insulting a whole group of people, then I should just blank-off and unfollow them (which I did.)

It reminded me of a good quote I heard from a really bad movie my daughter rented. “There are two ways to build the tallest building in the world. One: Build a giant skyscraper. Two: Tear down all the other buildings.” It is always more productive when you surround yourself with those willing to build.