In the “my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head, I saw my brain” department today, comes this Elberon, Iowa Public Library Director job posting.

Hat-tip to Andy Woodworth for pointing this ad out, and for clarifying that the town of Elberon has just 196 people, and that the ad should be taken into context with the size of the town. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun at Elberon’s expense.

I would imagine that some of Elberon’s other public employment ads go as follows:

  • Public Health Clinic, Director – High School or GED required, previous experience placing band-aids on children is helpful.
  • Public Works Director – … ownership of a full set of socket wrenches and a shovel is a definite plus.
  • Public Parks Director – … must own a lawn mower and gas can (full gas is preferred.)
  • Elberon Mayor – … centrally located house with a room where a few people could meet every once in a while would make you a shoe-in.
I hope that Elberon finds someone to fill the position. Woodworth even suggests that it might be a good opportunity for an MLS student to get their start in the market.