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Dan: One of our partner’s sons took the bar exam recently. Reminded me of my turn at that challenge. Jane, it also reminded me to shove in your face that I scored the highest on the bar exam that year. How well did you score?

Jane: As I recall the bar exam is a pass / fail exam. Not one where you get grades. Who cares what your score was?

Dan: Hah! Just as I assumed. You were one of the lesser-thans with an average score. See. This is why I always win our debates.

Jane: Dan – there you go again, bragging about yet another of your traits that actually has little use in the real world. What exactly did you get for being #1?

Dan: I was featured in the bar journal. Whereas I am sure you are more prominently featured on bathroom walls.

Jane: Dan – you ignoramus. If you are that smart, why did you spend so much time preparing for a pass/fail exam? That’s like spending loads of extra time winning a case, that really doesn’t need that much effort. Wait a minute! Now it all makes sense.

Dan: What makes sense? That I am smarter and richer than you? Oh … and better looking?

Jane: That your need to overcome other obvious shortcomings means you are compelled to win. I bet you brag about how many billable hours you have each year too.

Dan: 2800 last year. Highest in my practice group.

Jane: Wouldn’t it make more sense to brag about getting things done faster and more efficiently and therefore more profitably than everyone else? I think the person who scored the lowest passing score on the bar exam should be the one we celebrate. They were smart enough to expend just the right amount of resources to get the job done.

Dan: Oh you mean like a “Participation Award?” I’m sure you have a room at your parents’ house full of those. Jane – you are the kind of person who gets a warm, fuzzy feeling about being good enough.

Jane: And you are the kind of person that needs to see a proctologist for a dental exam.