It seems everyone is talking about the NSA’s surveillance program, PRISM, these days. Although the program seems to be very creative in ways of gathering information, it seems that the group’s presentation skills need a bit of work. Don’t worry, French freelance presentation designer, Emiland, has come in to help!

Emiland has taken the poorly designed NSA PowerPoint presentation and converted the data into something that is actually worth monitoring.

NSA Children’s Books

Emiland isn’t alone in noticing a lack of creative expression from the NSA. The Guardian has assisted in helping (well, in addition to breaking the story), by creating a gallery of #NSAKidsBooks crowdsourced by Darth (probably without a court order, or copyright permission… but, hey, it’s a parody, so we’ll let it slide this time around.)

Even one of my favorite artists/cartoonists/graphic designers, has contributed to help the NSA with their ability to express their abilities in the form of a Venn Diagram, that shows the NSA that “They’ve seen it all.

Of course, we still live in an age that requires some of us to be stimulated by short videos helping us understand why such a program is worth the price we pay for it (how much is a Civil Liberty going for these days??) Don’t worry NSA, BreitbartTV has you covered there,too.

Let’s hand it to those on the Interwebs that can step up and help the US Government when it falls a little short in its abilities to graphically describe how it is monitoring you.