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As I was perusing my RSS feed reader last night on my phone, I saw a ghost. My fellow Houston blogger, Jason Wilson, decided that he would not retire his blog focusing on publishing, law, technology, and the art of placing the ‘F’ word in post titles. He claims he was hassled by family and friends to restart the blog — although, my guess is that his wife and kids got tired of him ranting about legal publishing to them and told him to go back to using blogging as his theapy and not his family— but, that’s just a guess.

Jason has decided to rethink ‘rethinc.k’ and just go with the O-less site. He’s even updated the look and feel of the blog with a tagline of “So little to say and so much time.” Jason may have little to say, but I’ve always found it to very interesting. I, for one, am glad he’s back.

This wasn’t the only blog to make a claim of “I’m finished!!” this year, only to be resurrected a few weeks later. Scott Greenfield’s ‘Simple Justice’ blog also went dark back on February 13th. In a sad twist of fate, that also happened to be the same day that my father passed away (though, I’m pretty sure the two events were unrelated.) By March 5th, the blogging bug was back and Simple Justice was back at full-speed. There wasn’t much fanfare about it. Greenfield simply got back to doing something that he is very good at and no one really found it odd that he brought Simple Justice back to life.

Toby Brown and I talk about this all the time, blogging, when it is done right (like Wilson and Greenfield do it), isn’t necessarily about pleasing the reader, building your brand, or selling a concept that you hope others will buy. It’s really about the writer. It’s very personal. It’s therapeutic. It’s about writing on a topic that may only be of sole interest to the writer. If the reader finds it interesting, then great, but it’s not about you. Sorry if that comes as a shock to you that bloggers tend to be pretty self-centered people.

I’m glad that Wilson and Greenfield decided to continue their craft. Here’s to seeing more great things in 2013.