So, stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Two blonde-haired sisters walk into a bar and ask people if they have legal questions in need of answering. Actually, it’s not a joke, although the resulting YouTube channel is very funny. Amy Epstein Feldman (lawyer) and her sister, Robin Epstein (comedy writer) decided to expand their influence from their 2009 book, So Sue Me, Jackass!: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls That Can Come Back to Bite You at Work, at Home, and at Play, by taking their act on the road and going into the Dorian Gray bar in New York City armed with a video camera, Amy’s legal knowledge, and Robin’s comedic charm. The resulting videos are fun to watch, and discuss life-altering legal concepts ranging from dog v mailman cases, to who’s liable if a guy dies from a heart attack during a threesome (spoiler alert: it’s not the other two women.)

“The book is a Q&A about legal issues that people deal with on a daily basis, with chapters on subjects like Employment, Health, Home, Pets, Love Life, Parents, Kids & Death,” Robin Epstein tells me in an email. The book was a great start, but it seems that the sisters wanted more, and seemed to have a similar philosophy to what we refer to around this blog as the three beer solution. (Although, it turns out that Amy’s not a big fan of beer.) Robin explains that she and her sister “are trying to find a new way to reach people, so we now regularly go to a bar in NYC and ask folks if they have legal questions in need of answering.” The results are funny and informative short videos that take a legal question, lay out the facts, sometimes getting opinions from the local members of the bar (that’s actually the drinking establishment they are taping in, not the Bar Association), and then they explain what results a jury actually decided.

There are three current categories:

  • Your Pets for all those legal pitfalls that Fido and Ms. Kittiez can get you into…
  • Your Job including those things you should *absolutely not* do…
  • Bar Examthe surprising world of “just who can you really sue these days?”
If you have a question you’d like them to answer, send them an email at

Take a quick 41-second introduction from the So Sue Me, Jackass! Sisters and then go have some fun watching as the authors decide that since nobody reads anymore, they needed to go where the people are…  at the bar.