After discussing the sad ABA’s Law School Graduate Employment Data with Toby yesterday, he mentioned that it would be kind of cool to see some of the stats broken out into a Wordle to see which schools stood out in a “visual” way. So, just for fun, I started playing around with some of the good and bad stats based on number of graduates and the type of employment those graduates reported have. One of the things that I kept noticing as I went through the “good” numbers, was how often the University of Virginia (UVA) kept ranking near the top. Of course, these are very generic statistics (and we all know the issues surrounding the ‘fudging’ of stats by schools lately), but just looking at these, it was pretty clear that if you want to jump out of law school and have a job, UVA is one of the best options for you. Just in case you were wondering… the University of Puerto Rico, and Whittier College consistently hold down the bottom of most of the statistics.

Here’s some of the stats that I compiled out of the data and formatted into a Wordle… enjoy.

Full-Time Employment that requires a JD

Any Employment that requires a JD


(AKA – “Screw it… I gotta get a job!”)