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I wanted to start out this post by announcing that we are putting the Elephant Posts to sleep at the end of the year, and that we will spend the last five posts (in December) as a remembrance to the mighty Elephant that entertained and informed us for the 15 months. Mostly because it has become too hard for me to think of interesting questions to ask such a broad audience, and the fact that it is just a lot of work to pull all of this together week after week. The Elephant has been a lot of fun, but hopefully, just like Seinfeld, we’ll leave with most of you wishing we’d have run just a few more episodes.

Now, on to this week’s question of the new items that you are bringing into your budget for 2012.

We actually only got a couple of answers, but I think that they were quality answers, and that it might spur the rest of you to see what we were actually going for when we asked the question. So… if these answers cause you to got “ohhhh… that’s what they meant…” then please feel free to add what you’re adding to your budget in 2012 in the comments.

When you’ve finished that, scroll on down to next week’s question (2nd from the last final EP Q) and let us know what you do when you’re at conferences to include people into your social circles, or how you interact with those that you don’t know well, and build new relationships.

Hoovers Reporting Feature

We do not have another resource that can quickly gather company data based on various selection criteria, including by geographic location (down to the granular “town” level), $$$$ profits, number of employees, etc…

Marian the Law Librarian
Bloomberglaw and Fastcase

I’m looking forward to the docket power in the few Bloomberglaw seats I’ve requested.  I’m also asking for Fastcase for the whole firm so that all of my offices get the same access that bar members in the home office’s state receive, as well as providing access for staff.

Next Week’s Elephant Post:

How Do You “Socialize” At Conferences?

Conferences can be a lot like High School social events where the “popular” kids only hang out with other popular kids, and the “geeks” hang out with other geeks. How do you approach a group of people, or an individual at a conference and socialize with them? Do you continue to build relationships, or are you happy with your core group of peers that you hang with each year?