Post ILTA, I’ve been meaning to share an idea along with a practical example of how lawyers might gain efficiencies – efficiencies being one of the new, hoped-for goals of the legal profession.
At ILTA I had the opportunity to meet Ian Levit of Levit & James. In addition to being a fellow Mel Brooks fan, Ian is passionate about his product offering: Best Authority. Now you might be thinking – so what. Creating Tables of Authorities is bread and butter work for firms. Where’s the efficiency in that?
The answer: There’s not a ton, but definitely some.
We tend to look for the game changer technologies when we talk about change and efficiency. These types of technology are what Greg would call “Awesome.” They are definitely fun to think and write about.
The trouble with game changing technologies is they have a high likelihood of falling into the “InterAction Trap.” InterAction was/is a potentially game changing type of tool for law firms, but its adoption rate has been less than impressive. Why? Because game changer systems require significant change from lawyers. And we all know change is not the lawyers’ mantra.
In contrast, tools like Best Authority fit within a lawyer’s current effort work process, requiring only slight changes, and they deliver modest but measurable efficiencies.
So when looking for opportunities to enhance and expand efficiencies in the practice of law – don’t overlook the small stuff.
And if you ever meet Ian, ask him what is favorite Mel Brooks lines are.