Hopefully that title just made you start humming the Beastie Boys song. If it did, see me in Philly at the Summit and I’ll buy you a beer.

I’ve always been a fan of visualizing information in unique ways. I stumbled upon an app this week that does just that sort of thing with the way I “listen” and “view” the music that’s on my iPad. Planetary takes a pretty simple idea and brings it to life via the iPad. The idea is to transform your music into a Galaxy, your artists into Solar Systems, their albums into Planets, and their songs into Moons. Visually it is very cool to watch and play. The thing that I like most is that when you play a song, the amount of time it takes to play the song is the amount of time it takes for that Moon (Song) to orbit the Planet (Album).

Here’s a blurb from Planetary’s iTunes page:

Planetary is just the sort of science fiction experience you expect when using an object from the future like iPad. You’ll want to show your friends this beautiful app. We’ve made it even easier to share Planetary at home; it looks incredible when you hook your iPad 2 up to a big HDTV or projector using the HDMI accessory.

 Or, to quote one of my kids the first time I opened this up and showed it to them:

That’s Epic!!

Here’s some screenshots that I took from my iPad (I’m still with my version 1, so I haven’t had a chance to hook it up to my HDTV to watch yet.) It’s definitely a fun app to use, and best of all… it’s free!!

Go check out Planetary and let me know if you find it as fun as I do. (Now, if I can get my law firm to adapt this “Galaxy” approach to some of the data we present for business development purposes…)

Select the Artist by Letter
See the Galaxy of Artists…
See the Solar System of Albums of that Artist…
Zoom in on the Planet (Album)

Watch the Moon (Song) Orbit as it plays…