I’m very excited to be moderating a panel of legal research providers that are outside of the big two powerhouses. This Wednesday (2/9/11) at 11:45, at the South Texas College of Law here in beautiful downtown Houston, I’ll lead the discussion on Alternatives to Westlaw and Lexis. The panelists are Matt Woods & Kirk Sims, Loislaw; Christi Villarreal, Bloomberg; Dave Harriman & Jim Carder, Casemaker; Ed Walters & Chuck Lowry, Fastcase. I think it will be a great discussion, and one that I’ll report back on after the session.

We discussed the topic of alternatives to Westlaw and LexisNexis last year and got quite a number of comments when I asked “Can Attorneys Practice Law Without Westlaw or LexisNexis?” I’ll be going back through those comments (and checking my email archives for all those “off the blog” questions and comments that were sent to me as well) and see what the panelists have to say on that issue. Of course, if there is anything that you think I should specifically ask the panel, feel free to comment or contact me and I’ll pass that along to the panel.

The session is hosted by the Houston Area Law Librarians chapter of AALL. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to record the session and share it with those of you outside of Houston.