In a flurry of emails one day, one of my peers sent me a short message that said he talked to one of his junior partners at the firm blurted out that in a meeting that “Blogging is sooo 3 years ago.” After what I imagined was a serious “eye-roll reaction,” my friend tried to explain that there are many successful blogs out there that kept their content fresh, substantiative and interesting. However, my favorite reaction came from someone else on the email chain who pointed out just how dumb the overall statement was. I found it to be funny and thought I’d share it with everyone that still reads blogs.
Saying something is so “x” years ago  is so “y” years ago so dates yourself.

Why do so many people have an issues with blogs?  What if I call it a whitepaper (oh wait, that is so 25 years ago), an article (nope, that is +100 yrs ago), a stream of consciousness (too 60s), musings (too 80s).

My take on blogs (at least good ones) is that they are:

  • Informative
  • offer a unique point of view
  • thought provoking  

Just to name a few points.

So if these concepts are of no interest to you then you are so yesterday’s news.
I’d like to step off of my soapbox now, but that term is so 50s!

Well said, my friend… well said.