Tell me if you heard this one before… three people (two guys, one woman) working in the legal industry decide to create a group blog to discuss their diverse views on the legal world. Turns out that this isn’t me re-telling the story of how 3 Geeks got started, but rather how three folks from the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area decided to start their own blog called The Strategic Adviser Blog. Although the blog has only been going for a month, I’m seeing some good stuff coming out of there, and wanted to give a fellow group-style blog a shout-out and have readers of 3 Geeks head over there and see what they have to offer.

Here’s what the writers over at The Strategic Adviser Blog are focused on:

  • Jay Fossett – Leadership and Organizations
  • Maureen Donnellan – Social Media
  • Jeff Sanders – Environmental Issues
There is a fourth Adviser listed, but I haven’t seen anything posted yet from Patrick Crowley (policy and politics focus). Come on Patrick!! Get something out there!! 
I emailed Jay Fossett over the weekend to see how things are going, and he is feeling the pains that everyone who starts a blog tends to feel in the first few weeks. Jay says, “The hardest thing is finding the time because we are all busy with our jobs. The biggest issue is finding time to write something that we hope is thought-provoking yet easy to read.” Most of us have struggled with the same thing. I’ve always took the approach that if an idea is festering in my head, it is probably something that others would find thought-provoking, too. I’ve been shocked sometimes at the things that we put out that grab people’s attention, that I thought was kind of a “fluff piece,” but the readers found stimulating (I’ve also put out some things that I thought would really get a lot of feedback, only to hear the gentle sound of crickets chirping in the background.) 
The Advisers aren’t really promoting their blog yet. I actually found it through a mutual acquaintance that pointed me in their direction. Fossett talked about the fact that right now their really only promoting the blog to friends via “our Facebook page and some email recommendations.” That’s probably a great place to start.
We wish our new friends over at The Strategic Adviser Blog the best of luck with their new blog. I told Jay Fossett that he needs to keep after the others to keep contributing posts, because in the blogging world, consistency and content are what brings people to your blog, and keeps them coming back.