I’ve been playing with the free iPad App called Curator HD over the past couple of weeks, and have really enjoyed using it as my Google Reader interface for the iPad. I’ve used the generic Google Reader iPad web page in the past, or even used apps like Flipboard to look at my feeds (via some fancy Twitter forwarding), but the Curator HD app is so much better for viewing the feeds, and sharing items with others. The sharing covers the usual suspects (Twitter, Facebook, email, etc), but the sharing via a Newsletter option is something that I think is a great feature of this app.

The Newsletter option allows you to build newsletters, on the fly, and distribute that newsletter to others via email. In addition to forwarding the newsletter, Curator HD allows you to add comments, add your personal branding image to the header logo of the newsletter, plus add images to the individual stories within the newsletter. Here’s a video that covers many of the features that are available simply through the free app and your Google Reader feed.

The company behind Curator HD is Infongen. Infongen produces a high-end news feed and search service that is marketed to businesses, and more recently they have entered the law firm market as a competitive intelligence / business development resource. If your company or firm subscribes to Infongen, then you can also add in all those wonderful searches or feeds set up in Infongen. However, even without the professional Infongen tool, the Curator HD app is definitely worth a look if you want an easy way to view your Google Reader feeds on the iPad, and like to share what you read with others.