Each time I look back on a past project or ahead to a new one, I am reminded of how much each depends on the collaboration of many. Each of us is surrounded by professionals and colleagues without whom our successes would never happen, people whose strengths complement ours, and who make us look good.

It takes a team to transform each vision into reality, and none of us could do our jobs well without the knowledge and skills of those around us. Of course we each have strengths and skills of our own, but we also have areas where someone else’s experience, someone else’s abilities, or someone else’s personality are just a better fit for what needs to be done.
In the spirit of the holidays, I want to say “thank you” to the entire legal technology village for making us a community that shares, supports, and most importantly of all, succeeds.
  • I sent this cartoon from This Is Indexed to my "idea community" a few weeks ago that really explained what happens when you have a strong community that shares its ideas and gives you a sounding board for new ideas. The more you're willing to share them, the better you are at generating them!

  • I agree. The legal tech community is awesome. From 3 geeks, to Niki Black to Katrina Curfiss and Donna Seyle, thought leaders have been spreading the legal tech gospel in an informative and interesting way.