Someone pointed out to me today that October 1, 2010 is 10/01/10 (for us Americans, anyway) and they were surprised that Google hadn’t done something wacky with their logo today. The assumption we both made was that Google will probably wait until 10/10/10 (that works for non-US dates, too) and will be creative that day.

I got to thinking about the two numbers and did a search on “The Great Oracle” (aka Google) to find out what the binary equivalent to these numbers represented. Turns out that:

Oct 1st:     100110 = 32
Oct 10th:   101010 = 42

As any geek worth his or her salt knows, “42” is a very significant number. According to our instructions found in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” is… “42”

So, perhaps The Great Oracle known as Google is not simply going to impress us with a logo that combines some variation of Google + 101010….  Oh No!! I’m thinking that nine days from now, we will finally be told the answer to the Universe!! (of course, I could be wrong and they just do something goofy with the logo again… but, you can always hope!!) Hopefully, Google won’t tell us to come back in 7 ½ million years to hear the answer.