I thought the two emails I just received were “very interesting” – not right or wrong – just “very interesting” in how the same survey was marketed to two different ALM clients. ALM just announced a new survey call ALM Legal Intelligence Billing Package, where it seems they are willing to pit lawyers against in-house counsel – at least so far as how they are marketing the product.

I looked over the emails, and other than the part that I’ve put below, there seems to be one single survey – just the marketing message behind the survey seems to be different. It seems that ALM understands that inside and outside counsel are just not trusting each other these days.

This first one was meant to go to law firm attorneys:

This next one was sent to in-house counsel:

Notice the difference??

Like I said, I’m not saying this is good or bad, it’s just marketing the same survey to two different segments of the legal market. Does anyone feel they are being played, though??