You have to admire the punishment that Judge Diane Druzinski handed down to a juror that updated her Facebook status to say that it was “gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re GUILTY.” Apparently, Judge Druzinski doesn’t like it when a juror posts a verdict on a case that was STILL BEING TRIED.  The son of the defendant’s attorney found the post (kids are always good to have around for these things.) Unfortunately, the defendant was still found GUILTY and I assume all the rest of the jurors had fun telling her that…. (just an assumption on my part.)

So, although all her friends “liked” Ms. Hadley Jons updated status to her stint as a juror, the little post got Ms. Jons a lecture from the judge about violating her oath as a juror, asked to leave a check in the amount of $250.00 at the Court Clerk’s office, and told to go home and write a five-page essay on the importance of the Sixth Amendment and bring it back to Judge Druzinski by October 1st.

Although Ms. Jons hasn’t commented on how her essay is coming along, her lawyer stated that everyone seemed to think the punishment was appropriate and let it go at that.

If Ms. Jons wants to publish her essay here on 3 Geeks, she has an open offer. We’re always looking for interesting guest bloggers.