I’ve always thought I wrote my blog posts in the tradition of great writers like Jonathan Swift, and now I have the data to back up my claim. The website “I Write Like” allows you to paste in some of your writings and it will analyze it against the writings against a list of famous authors and let you know who you resemble the most. The fact that I match up against a writer in the know for satire, fantasy and sci-fi doesn’t surprise me at all. In fact, it verifies (in my own mind at least) the style of writing I am attempting.

The next time you are turning in your legal brief to the court or an exam to your professor, copy and paste it into I Write Like’s analyzer and see what famous author you are channeling. Perhaps at the top of the document you could mention that you write like “J.R.R. Tolkien”  and give the reader a little ‘heads-up’ to your style so that they can put themselves in the proper state of mind while reading your masterpiece.

And, just for fun, I decided to see who my co-bloggers write like.

Toby Brown = Edgar Allan Poe
I know both Toby’s and Edgar Allan Poe’s writings have creeped me out in the past, and have left me wondering what kind of ‘medication’ they took right before sitting down to write.

Both Lisa Salazar & Scott Preston = Cory Doctorow
In fact, it seems that many of the guest bloggers match up with Cory Doctorow as well. Apparently, we are a bunch of Canadian Journalist, Sci-Fi writers on this blog!! I thought that title belong to all the folks up at SLAW.CA.