I’ve been using SnagIt for a number of years to do screen capturing and editing of screenshots and enjoy it throughly. However, I know from experience that not everyone has access to this paid software, but they still have the need to do screenshots and editing. For those of you that fit in this category, you need to go check out LightShot. LightShot is a very light weight (meaning that it won’t burn up a lot of memory or disk space on your computer), free (although you can donate money to them if you find it to be a valuable resources), Windows browser (FireFox, Chrome or IE), or Desktop application (Windows). (whew… was that too many parens?)

I downloaded this yesterday and have had a great time testing it. I’ve found it to be very powerful as both a screen capturing tool, and an image editor. I’ve been using the Chrome plug-in, and have had absolutely no problems using it. The Desktop Application is very cool in that you press the “Print Screen” and it gives you the ability to select the portion of the screen you actually want to grab. The online editor tool is very nice and has a lot of the same editing tools that you see in high end image editing software. I did have to refrain from “right-clicking” while editing because it is editing through the browser using an Adobe Flash interface, so it does take a little getting used to, but not much.

Here’s a four-minute video. Check it out, then get over to LightShot and test it out for yourself.
[BTW, if you know what song it is they are playing in this video, please let me know… I like it!]

LightShot Desktop Screenshot