Alright, you can now stop calling the forthcoming Lexis platform “New Lexis” or “LexisNext”. I learned this morning that the folks over at LexisNexis have named their new platform “Lexis Advance”. Toby got an advanced peek at the product a couple of months back and seemed to be impressed. Here is a snippet of the notice I received this morning announcing the baby’s, er, the product’s name:

We recently announced to our employees that our new legal information platform will be named “Lexis® Advance” when it goes to market.
To be clear, Lexis Advance is not available yet. It will be rolled out in phases for different segments of the market over an extended period of time starting later this year and moving forward into next year. That’s when legal professionals will start seeing the product and name.
Meanwhile, the name “New Lexis” continues on internally at our company as the moniker for our broad investment and invention program to create the next generation of innovative solutions with and for our customers. Another example of a new solution from this overall program is Lexis® for Microsoft® Office, which as you know, was announced earlier this year.

I’ve already stumbled over this name a couple of times (including typing it here), because it is very similar to another LexisNexis product called “Lexis atVantage“. Now, let’s see if the sales and marketing team at LexisNexis have learned from their counterparts over at Thomson Reuters on setting a clear price on their new baby. They can always look back on my open letter to remind them of how well “modest premium pricing” went over at law firms. (Hint: Don’t start off the conversation with “Lexis Advance comes with an advance pricing model.”)