Fastcase is releasing an iPad version of their free legal research app (currently available on the iPhone), and announced the launch on Jeff Richardson’s blog iPhone J.D.  Currently you can download the iPhone app to the iPad and run it in the 2x mode, but it is still an iPhone app and looks strange on the iPad’s large screen format.

I’ve gone to the Apps store to find this updated version, but it doesn’t appear to be released as I’m writing this. So, go over to iPhone J.D. and check out the information that Fastcase’s Ed Walters gave to Jeff. (Or, Legal Geekery’s review… really Ed?? Where’s the love for 3 Geeks??)

A couple of weeks ago, I talked with some of the folks at Wolters Kluwer, who are also releasing a new version of their IntelliConnect interface (Web-based… not iPad based… yet!) and one of the comments that caught my attention was that they are also releasing an iPhone enhanced browser-version (as well as Blackberry) for IntelliConnect, but are waiting on creating the iPad app version because they don’t see it as a “larger iPhone version”, but rather as a unique platform that calls for a unique approach on producing applications. The “tablet” computers that are coming out are really changing the way information providers (legal or otherwise) are presenting their information. Even the WestlawNext developers are excited about the tablet interface revolution that is happening. Although it appears that the new Fastcase App isn’t set to take advantage of all of the advantages you get from the iPad (larger screen, touch functionality, etc), Fastcase is doing a great job of being “first to market” for their product.

Maybe Ed Walters will let us give the new platform the “once-over” before releasing it to the public!! (hint, hint!!)