I just finished reading Jason Wilson’s one act screenplay “parody” called “Two Sisters” that he posted on his blog (now titled “rethinc.k“. I give it “two thumbs up… waaaay up!!”

The story follows Westie and her little sister Lexi as Lexi finds herself out on the town after a few too many drinks. Westie gives Lexi a few “life lesson” tips but in the end, they both learn they are linked together more than either of them would like to admit. So, go over to Jason’s blog and read the “Two Sisters” screenplay. (Note: it is “R” rated for language and one very suggestive picture.)

I’d like to make my suggestions on who should play the roles in the movie based on the “Two Sisters” screenplay:

Two Sisters – Suggested Cast Members:

Westie – Megan Fox
Lexi – Lindsey Lohan (might have to wait until ankle monitor comes off, but would be a great comeback role!!)
Policeman – Jason Segal
Lois – Tila Tequila
Microsoft – Jon Favreau
Fastcase* – John C. Reilly
Casemaker* – Will Ferrell

*I’ve suggested a re-write that Jason change the roles of Fastcase and Casemaker to male roles.