I’ve been hearing that there is a new “spooky” website out there called Spokeo that is freaking people out about how much information this site can find about you using just your name or email address. According to the website Smarterware:

Spokeo is the new people search engine that’s freaking users out, because when you “spokeo” yourself there’s a good chance you’ll find your home address, phone number, interests, gender, occupation, wealth level, marital status, photos, and more. 

So, I jumped out there and attempted to search on my name, email, and phone numbers and it was creepy to find how awful the results were. Apparently, I don’t exist on any of these social networks that Spokeo indexes. This really surprised me, because I’m not exactly very protective about my identity on social networks and I expected at least something back. But what I got was NOTHING!! I even tried to see if any of my co-bloggers showed up… again, NOTHING!!

As someone that has written about the wealth of personal and company information that is out there on social networks for competitive intelligence research, I’m highly disappointed in the hype behind Spokeo that doesn’t seem to be warranted. If you want to find information on someone, leave Spokeo off your resources and do a simple Google search instead.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing–Google does give you more.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – you are correct. It has me living in my house AND my parents home, in two different states. In my parents home I'm married (I've never been) Good news is that it claims my house is worth 1M+ despite being in a "below average neighborhood." Bad news is that it claims I'm in my late 40s – an addtion of 4-6 years. Oh well, better than my friend. It has HIM listed as female:)

  • Anonymous

    I thought I would pony up a few bucks to see how much this site said about me and my friends/family. The results are 'crap', inaccurate to say the least. Many people were worried that their credit scores would be reveled, not so. This site is not what the buzz claims it is at all.

  • Bruce Barrett

    The small 2.95 per month charge has managed to put my bank account into the negatives in excess of 200 dollars in a matter of 3 days.
    I signed up for this site because my wife is the victim of domestic violence from her ex-husband. Unfortunately, she also needs to maintain an online presence for her career. I was hoping that we would be able to monitor exactly how much information was out there and make sure that her business contacts could still reach her without revealing information about our home address, activities, and children.
    After 10 minutes of using the service I would have cancelled anyway. The reports we old and out of date at best, and in two instances the site meshed my wife's information with that of another woman with the same name. If my wife's ex-husband would come after her using the info on this site my wife would be completely safe, however a completely innocent woman could possibly be injured just because she shares my wife's name.
    Furthermore, the advertised monthly fee of 2.95 per month that is so obviously splashed over their plans page is charged at one time. This fact is not placed in any obvious place, in fact it is NOWHERE on the plans page at all. 35.40 will be deducted immediately. In our case this meant that several small charges handled via debit card bounced, netting us over 200 dollars in insufficient funds fees.
    When customer services was contacted the operator (quite rudely) announced that no refunds were given, ever, for any reason. She refused to allow us to talk to her supervisor. Basically Spokeo gave me an inferior product, used unethical advertising methods, provided poor customer service, and completely refused to stand behind their product.
    I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy, but if I chose to I could rest safely knowing that he would never find me using this service.