Well, we weren’t the only ones having some April Fool’s Day fun yesterday.  In fact, there was so much tomfoolery going around that no one could tell what was real and what was a joke.  I’m really hoping that the iPad/Donkey Kong console is true!!  That’s a much better use of an iPad than reading boring US Supreme Court cases on it.  Here are a few of our favorite April Fool’s Day posts from some of the legal bloggers we follow:

We had a couple other ideas on a good April Fool’s Day post (anyone remember last year’s where we posted that all attorneys at a BigLaw firm were getting Kindles preloaded with case law and statutes?)  One idea I had was to say that the Texas Board of Education was setting standards for legal publishing in Texas, and would be removing any decisions written by Justices Marshall and Brennan along with ‘select’ other major decisions, however Bush v. Gore would still be included.

The other thought was that we were entertaining the offer to sell the blog to WestlawNext and would only be available through the “Used to be Free Blogs” Database at $3400.00 an hour.  But that LexisNexis, Bloomberg and Wolters Kluwer were making counteroffers and it was becoming a bidding war on who would buy-out the 3 Geeks.  Actually, if anyone at WestlawNext, LexisNexis, Bloomberg or Wolters Kluwer is reading this…  think about it (we still all want to retire to some small Caribbean island… see #10 of my 2010 projections.)  We decided not to run with that story since the “we’ve been bought by Google” was making its rounds about the blogosphere yesterday, so we thought it had been overdone.

Now it’s Good Friday and some of us have to ask for forgiveness for our Thursday follies.  For all those partners at a Houston firm that saw my post yesterday about SCOTUS adopting iPad formatting (and buying it hook, line and sinker…  I’m sorry.)  For those single attorneys that were really hoping that AVVO Singles was finally your path to true happiness…  well… I’m sorry… but for a completely different reason.

For all of you poor souls that have to work today (myself included), I’ll be doing a live Webinar/Podcast later today with some other poor law librarians that also didn’t get the day off.  We’ll cover how budget cuts are impacting law school’s ability to teach and train students legal research skills and what that means for those baby lawyers that are coming your way.

Until then…  I’m going to go order this…