I finally found something on WestlawNext pricing from a Thomson Reuters document called “WestlawNext: Pricing Guide for Commercial Plans“.  The pricing seems a wee-bit steep on my initial view, especially if you take the per minute charge and multiply them by 60 to get the hourly charges (like I did in the chart below.)  How about $3,300.00 and hour to view appellate court briefs?  Or, $3,400.00 to get a 50 state survey??
NOTE:  According to the document, this pricing was fixed back on  February 8, 2010 (that would be the launch date.)  The pricing is subject to change on a 30-day notice. This is generic pricing, and your individual contracts may not be the same as listed in this document.

Remember, these are WestlawNext pricing, this is a separate billing model from your existing Westlaw.com pricing guide.  Also, remember that WestlawNext gives you results from all of the WestlawNext databases, regardless of if those are in your contract. The good news is that you get a great results list that is comprehensive.  The bad news is if one of your users clicks on one of those results and views the document that is out of contract, the ancillary charges below kick in.  Whoa to the first-year associate that clicks on a 50-State Survey and reads it online for an hour or two!!  (Read the ‘red bolded‘ section below the chart to see how these ancillary charges work.)  Remember to educate your users on the new pricing of WestlawNext (especially on the out of contract charges!!)

Ancillary Charges to View Documents on WestlawNext

 Content Category   Content Examples   Per Minute   Per Hour   Transactional   Document   Line
 Cases   state and federal cases   $13.33  $799.80  $13.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Statutes and Court Rules–State   state statutory compilations   $18.33 $1,099.80  $16.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Statutes and Court Rules–Federal   USCA®   $20.00 $1,200.00  $25.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Regulations–State   state administrative compilations   $15.00 $900.00  $16.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Regulations–Federal   Code of Federal Regulations   $20.00 $1,200.00  $25.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Administrative Decisions and Guidance–State   state attorney general opinions, state workers’ compensation decisions   $15.00 $900.00  $20.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Administrative Decisions and Guidance–Federal   decisions of the Board of Veterans’ Affairs,N.L.R.B., and E.E.O.C.   $18.33 $1,099.80  $25.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Administrative Decisions   and Guidance–RIA   RIA’s State and Local Taxes   $41.67 $2,500.20  $46.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Briefs   appellate court briefs   $55.00 $3,300.00  $85.00   $30.25   $.05 
 Secondary Sources–Journals and Law Reviews, Practice Guides, andJury Instructions   Law reviews, state jury instructions, practice guides    $33.33 $1,999.80  $30.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Secondary Sources–Premium State and Specialty Titles   Rutter Group publications, Florida Jurisprudence 2d, Business Transactions Solution   $38.33 $2,299.80  $42.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Secondary Sources–Premium National Titles   ALR®, C.J.S.®, American Jurisprudence 2d   $41.67 $2,500.20  $46.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Secondary Sources–Surveys   50-State Surveys   $       56.67  $3,400.20  $250.00   $30.25   $.05 
 Jury Verdicts and Settlements   summaries of jury verdicts and settlements   $       38.33 $2,299.80  $35.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda   trial court filings   $53.33 $3,199.80  $75.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Trial Court Orders   court orders issued by state trial courts   $53.33 $3,199.80  $75.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Proposed and Pending Legislation   state session laws, text of current bills   $15.00 $900.00  $16.00   $16.50   $.05 
 Proposed and Pending Regulations   Federal Register, state administrative registers,text of pending regulations   $15.00 $900.00  $16.00   $16.50   $.05 
 News Sources–Basic   abstracts, archived publications   $11.67 $700.20  $10.00   $16.50   $.05 
 News Sources–General and Specialty Publications   newswires, regional newspapers, trade journals   $26.67 $1,600.20  $32.00   $16.50   $.05 
 News Sources–Premium   New York Times, Guardian, Euromoney   $30.00 $1,800.00  $36.00   $16.50   $.05 

Here is the summary from the document explaining the “Chargeable Events”:

Chargeable Events


On WestlawNext, there are three broad categories of chargeable events:

• searching for documents

• viewing documents

• offline delivery of documents

The monthly fee you pay for your WestlawNext subscription covers searching for documents on WestlawNext, including searching content not included in your plan. A search of all core legal content, therefore, is included in your monthly fee, even though it may retrieve results from content not included in your plan.

The monthly fee also covers viewing documents and offline delivery of documents from content that is included in your plan. It does not cover viewing documents and offline delivery of documents from content that is not included in your plan. When you view or deliver documents offline from content not included in your plan, ancillary charges apply and you will be billed at the applicable rate for that content (see the ancillary charges chart).

When you click a link on WestlawNext to access content on Westlaw (e.g., Public Records), your WestlawNext session is suspended and current Westlaw pricing rules apply.

Documents in Folders

Documents in folders may be accessed at no charge for 12 months after the initial chargeable view.

• For users who have selected transactional billing, the initial chargeable view occurs the first time a document is viewed (within or outside of the folder).

• For users who have selected hourly billing, the initial chargeable view occurs the first time a document is viewed within the folder.

It is charged at the applicable transactional display charge for the document. Hourly billing (including communications charges) is suspended while browsing folders.

Documents in folders viewed after 12 months will incur the WestlawNext transactional display charge for the document then in effect.