Thursday February 12, 2009, a day that most of us in large law firms will remember for a long time.  Losing over 800 jobs in law firms in one day is a terrible, terrible thing, but we’ve all been hearing that some firms are doing “stealth” layoffs as well.  This really means that there are a lot more than 800 jobs lost.large law firm layoffs by looking at the firms’ rosters and trying to isolate when people come and 

We here at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog thought we’d start trying to see if we could find the trends ingo (or change titles.)  It’s a work in progress, but here’s a rather large sample of the movement in over 90 law firms just this week.  
There’s also some good news hidden in here (althought the big layoff announced yesterday are not all included in this list), and that is the fact that there is still hiring going on in firms (even for associates.)  
Take a look for yourself and let us know your opinion on all the comings and goings in big law this week:
Note:  Okay…. maybe the initial list was a little too long to digest.  So, I’ve trimmed it back a little to show some of the movement.  I’ll post more information next week detailing some of the findings that I’ve seen in the actual movement of attorneys in and out of large firms.  
If you must have a look at the entire list of this week’s moves, you can shoot me an email, or send me a tweet on Twitter.