Well I have been out-of-pocket this week since I traveled to D.C. to witness the Inauguration with my lovely wife. We had an incredible time. We had tickets in one of the front sections with seats and actually made it there in time to see the whole thing. We also made it to the reception being held in my firm’s office – on the parade route. When the President got out of the Stagecoach to walk, it was right in front of us. Incredible! One of my lessons from this experience is the value of knowledge. Since we had done our homework well, we had the right knowledge to make our way through the crowds. This meant when the train conductor announced he would not be stopping at the station we selected, we knew of an alternative route. We did so well, we defied The Post. That morning’s edition stated it would be “impossible” to make both the Inauguration and the parade. Yet we did. Yes – it’s stretching the definition of KM, but I had to post about this! [Edit: Special thanks to Ron and Stuart for hosting us!] Here’s a couple of shots taken with my phone. Giving the Inaugural Address The sun sets on the Capitol