One of my favorite things about the end of the year, is the lists of Top 10 [insert inane subject here] of 2008. I just can’t stop myself from stopping everything I’m doing to scan these lists to see what folks though was the best (or worst) of the year. And this year, I don’t just have to view these lists on VH1.

I’ve scanned the web, blogs, and microblogs for any listing of Top 10’s (trying to keep it as inclusive in the law and tech topics as I could) and compiled the following list. Of course, I am but one man, and there are still a few days left in 2008, so if I missed any, just scream them out using the comments section below.
NOTE: Not all are “Top 10” some are lists of 5 or 20 or 6 or 50. And, it is in the order that I ran across them (so, it is a hodge-podge list to say the least!)
Enough of my list… Got anything to add???