My co-blogger Greg has already posted a great list of DR lessons, so I thought I would add a thought of my own.

My DR/KM recommendation is for an organization, instead of individuals. For the duration of Ike and his aftermath, I have lived electronically on my BlackBerry. I tried not to complain too much, since I at least had access to information. But it became very apparent not many resources are well-tuned for mobile access.

I know my other co-blogger Lisa may take issue with this comment as she goes to great lengths to format websites for mobile viewing. Even though they are viewable, they are not very WAP friendly, as navigation and browsing are tedious.

And beyond web sites, I could have benefited from mobile access to systems and information. Although I was able to limp along and BS my way through many tasks, I wasn’t able to really live on my BB.

For KM, I think we need to look ahead and move more purposely in a WAP direction. What good is knowledge if it’s not accessible when I need it most?