Tomorrow, version 5.6 of InterAction will be released. On Friday, I was able to preview a demo of one of its new features. 5.6 has an optional LinkedIn function set. The default on installation has this turned off, but a simple admin effort will turn it on.

Once enabled, the function set takes the contact names and company names in InterAction and runs them against LinkedIn’s list. Matches are then given a LinkedIn icon which allows users to see their LinkedIn connections with the contact. The first time you click a LinkedIn icon, you are asked to allow access. This is a one-time effort which is reversible from the LinkedIn account management menu.

Once access is granted, LinkedIn then provides you connection lines with the contact record. In the demo, I saw the LexisNexis reps connections to me (3rd level) and how he could connect through his own connections to contact me. This is just the LinkedIn functions we’re used to.

The LinkedIn icon will also show in an Outlook view, if you have the Web client and open a contact through the InterAction access button.

In talking with the rep, LexisNexis is planning further integrations, like co-mingling InterAction “Who Knows Whom” with the LinkedIn connections. They are looking for ideas on how to expand these functions, so feel free to contact them.

As previously posted here, this new tool-set appears to be moving LinkedIn into a higher value category. LinkedIn is interesting and has potential, but now we’re actually seeing some of this potential in action.