At the ILTA conference I was introduced to 3 different legal KM blogs of note. They are:

Caselines has a Litigation KM angle to it (but not e-discovery – which is good). I saw David Hobbie present on Litigation KM – which is his thing at Goodwin Proctor. Good presentation showing great KM implementation. Nice KM blog to watch.

KM Space, which is the blog of Doug Cornelius. I also saw Doug present, then noticed him in a number of sessions with his laptop open. He was blogging live from the sessions. Cool stuff and nicely thought-out posts.

LawyerKM is the last one. This blog included live ILTA posts as well, but the author shows as anonymous (with a little effort you can find his name). Being at a large firm, I can understand that approach. In any event, another well-written legal KM blog to follow.

  • Thanks for reading. Sorry we did not get a chance to talk in person.

  • Thanks for reading, and for the kind words. BTW, another ILTA blogger was Amy Witt at

  • Yes, thanks Toby. I was doing some live-blogging as well–the tag is ILTA08. Glad you enjoyed the matter intelligence presentation. Great to see another legal KM blog, even if it is three-headed!

  • David, You’ll find that throughout history, most “true beasts” are always three-headed.