Of course, being a geek, I have to love the fact that Google releases a comic book to explain its new browser. Google Chrome, Google’s new Internet Browser, is set for an early release tomorrow, due to the fact that some within Google leaked the information out a little earlier than planned.
From the comic book, and the blog release, it sounds like they are promising the same type of performance that IE 8.0 Beta is also promising. Tab functions that are “independant” (so if one crashes, it doesn’t bring down the entire browser); more powerful JavaScript engine; make it work on all operating systems (you know those other than Windows!); and the ultimate promise of faster and cleaner regardless of your operating system.

Now I get to try out IE 8.0 and Google Chrome and test them side-by-side!

NOTE:  I downloaded Chrome today, and so far, it is pretty tasty!!  The only thing I don’t like so far is how it handles MS Outlook’s Webmail.  The folders are not displayed like they are in IE, and it is not very good to get from folder to folder very easily.  
However, it is very fast, and I love the tabs feature and the way it previews the nine most visited sites on a new tab.  There are also a few plug-ins (i.e., FLASH) that you’ll need to get for Chrome to work right on most sites, but the downloads are quick and no reboot is necessary (unlike some browsers….)
I also thought it was funny that one of the Google Beta products called “Lively” will not work at all in Chrome.  You’d think they’d make their own products work right out of the box!