With apologies to Thomas Friedman, I can’t help but marvel at how connected the world is by technology. As I ponder KM and its applications to the practice of law, I keep stumbling upon incredible people with intriguing ideas.

One example is the Green Chameleon blog on KM. I’m not sure how I first found this blog (information overload), but have truly enjoyed a number of posts there. I think law firms need to spend more time exploring ideas outside the legal market, and this blog gives great KM ideas well outside what law firms are doing or even thinking about.

So in addition to being our first blog review, the Green Chameleon demonstrates how the world is only a few key strokes away. A Brit living in Singapore presents ideas a recovering Utardian with Texan Citizenship applies to a global law firm who then shares them here. Which leads to …?

I should already appreciate this connectedness. But one of the wonders of life for me is the great surprise of learning what I already know. I know … sounds like another definition for KM.

Whatever …

In any event, I suggest you check out the blog.