Legal KM, like all KM, has two major aspects: 1) Capturing knowledge well, and 2) Making that knowledge easy to access. I found a blog recently that help put #2 into a new light. The blog is called Search Done Right and is produced by Vivisimo, the maker of search engine Velocity.

Self-serving as the concept may be, this is a great blog with practical hands-on search tips. These tips are more for KM professionals than users.

The light that went off for me as this relates to KM, is that searching is an art as much as a science. Having great KM systems is part of the formula, but adding in the eye of a search guru makes sense. My thought is as a good KM system comes together, it will make sense to bring in a search expert to give input and advice on balancing simplicity with results (a.k.a Google vs. a good librarian).

The E-Discovery World is suffering from a lack of search genius by it’s own admission. In this example, just using key-words to search is coming up well short of the need to obtain focused search results.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog and watching for further search technique learning opportunities. In the meantime, check out the blog.