Well, it looks like I’m going to skip over another one of the Microsoft upgrades. Although I’ve used Internet Explorer almost exclusively since 1996, I somehow didn’t get to use the 7.0 version at work because of the amount of “customizations” that we made on the IE 6 platform.

Now it is time for IE 8. I’m going to run home tonight and install it on my personal computer, and then see how many of my apps don’t work on it either!! There is a good review of the product on the NY Times blog today.
I’m pretty sure if IE 7 didn’t play nice with my ‘work’ apps, then 8 surely can’t plug all the holes! So, now I’m going to have to have an “over-under” bet with some of my IT friends to see how many more months I’ll have to stay on IE 6. If it is ’12’, then I’m taking the over!