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This blog may seem somewhat eclectic, but if you step back you can see that we focus on the administrative side of today's large law firm environment. Whether it is how we market, set pricing, gather and disperse information, or simply the subtle changes in how you manage the complex administrative functions of a law firm, we try to cover it. We have one simple rule among the three of us, and the many regular guest bloggers that contribute to 3 Geeks: Write about what interests you… if the topic is of interest to you, then it is probably interesting to others.

Speaking of guest bloggers. We get A LOT of requests from vendors (and what we would consider SPAMMERS) offering to write guest blogs on some topic that essentially attempts to sell their products. Needless to say, we do not respond to those requests. If, on the other hand, you work in the large law firm industry, and you have something drafted that you think is interesting and fits the "feel" of 3 Geeks, by all means, contact me and we can talk. If it fits the feel of the blog, then we'd love to have you guest blog.

Who are the 3 Geeks?

Toby Brown - Toby has a great combination of executive level skills in the areas of technology, law, economics and non-profit organizations. The former director of the Utah State Bar and now knowledge management/biz dev/alternative fees guy at a top 50 AmLaw law firm, he is taking no prisoners. Toby loves to lead us to the edge and dare us to jump. With strong marketing and technical knowledge and management experience, he is at the forefront of developing legal alternative fees. An accomplished speaker, Toby is renowned in the areas of legal management, marketing and technology topics.

Greg Lambert - Librarian-Lawyer-Knowledge Management-Competitive Analysis-Computer Programmer.... Greg's taken the Renaissance Man approach to working in the legal industry. His Modus Operandi is to look at unrelated items and create a process that can tie those items together. The overall goal is to make the resulting information better than the individual parts that make it up. Right now, he's a librarian at an AmLaw 50 library and records department, but has expanded his capabilities across several departments to create fantastic new products that help coordinate information between the library, records, KM, marketing, client growth and the rest of the partnership. He's even gotten an award along the way from AALL and Thomson Reuters for best use of technology. A frequent speaker at library conferences around the country, companies are now calling on him to review their products before they hit the legal marketplace.

Sophia Lisa Salazar, Esq. - Internet Marketing Manager for one of the top AmLaw firms in the country, Lisa  founded and built the 3 Geeks and A Law Blog after having lunch with Greg and Toby and kvetching over the state of the legal technology industry. She said to them, "guys, we should start a blog! I can get it set up in 15 minutes." And she did just that. And their lives have never been the same since then ... A practicing lawyer with a talent for graphics, wordsmithing, marketing and coding, there isn't much she doesn't like to do on the web. She can't help it ... she's a Geek!

We'd also like to thank "The Bradys" for all their help in guest blogging, and being there for all of us to use as sounding boards. Without them, this blog wouldn't be nearly as fun to write as it is. So thanks to:

  • Zena Applebaum
  • April Brousseau
  • Marlene Gebauer
  • Mark Gediman
  • Ryan McClead
  • Scott Preston
  • Denise Rabogliatti
  • Jan Rivers
  • Ayelette Robinson
  • Emily Cunningham Rushing

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